About Bonnie O’Sullivan

About Bonnie O’Sullivan:

Bonnie was born December 16, 1936 in Roxborough a suburb of Philadelphia, PA. After attending grammar school in Philadelphia (during which time her dad served four years in the Navy as a medic on a hospital ship during World War II) she attended one and a half years of Junior High School (7A, 7B and 8A) in Philadelphia. She skipped the second half of eighth grade and went into ninth grade. This was because in 1950 her dad joined the Navy Reserves and was sent to California and was allowed to take his family with him (and California schools didn’t have half years as they did in Pennsylvania). Between July 1950 and July 1951 she and her family lived in Tustin, California and she attended Tustin Union High School. In 1951 the Navy sent her dad to Korea for two years. At that time Bonnie returned home to Philadelphia with her mother and brother and was happy to go to high school and graduate from Germantown High School, Philadelphia, PA in 1954 with many of the classmates she had known since kindergarten.


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