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Energy Up and Stomach Fat Disappearing

On December 4, 2013 I received my first shipment of Arctic Ruby Oil and began taking two capsules a day. That day I felt more energy than I had in a very long time. I’ve been taking two capsules everyday since and I have had the same wonderful energy every day.

Over the past (almost) four weeks I’ve also lost five pounds and an inch from around my waist and an inch from around my belly (2 inches below my waist). This is after being on my Fast Diet since March 5th and not losing any more weight since June.

The story of Arctic Ruby Oil begins at the end of 2007 in the frigid waters off the coast of Norway, which is the home of a tiny sea creature called Calanus finmarchicus. This shrimp-like creature is the main food of wild salmon and also the sole food of the arctic auk, a small bird that can fly tremendous distances.

Biology professor Kurt S. Tande, who also owns a fishery, had begun to extract oil from the shrimp-like creature and asked a colleague, biologist Dr. Jan Raa, to analyze and test the oil. Tande was curious about the ruby colored oil because he and some colleagues had begun using the oil instead of fish oil supplements and had experienced an unexpected increase in energy and loss of belly fat.

A recent study (June 2013) that appeared in the British Journal of Nutrition reported on the use of the oil in obese mice. One group of mice were fed a high-fat diet, which caused these animals to gain weight and abdominal fat and have impaired glucose tolerance when compared with mice who were fed a normal diet. Then, when the obese mice were given Arctic Ruby Oil, they showed a reduction in body weight gain and abdominal fat as well as an improvement in glucose tolerance.

Although the authors were not able to identify which components of the oil were responsible for these benefits, they believe they are related to EPA, DHA, and/or the antioxidants in the oil. In another study (2012), the supplementation of Arctic Ruby Oil reduced the formation of atherosclerotic lesions in mice, which led the authors to conclude that the oil “may be an effective and safe dietary intervention to reduce the development of atherosclerosis” (hardening of the arteries).

Dr. Raa discovered that ruby oil has a structure that is different from that of both fish oil and krill oil. The essential fatty acids (eicosapentaenoic acid [EPA] and docosahexaenoic acid [DHA]) in fish oil, for example, are bound to triglycerides, while those found in krill oil are attached to phospholipids. This distinction between fish oil and krill oil seems to make a difference in how the oils work in the body.

In Arctic Ruby Oil, the essential fatty acids (EFAs) are bound to monoesters. According to Dr. Raa, monoesters burn at a much slower rate than do phospholipids and triglycerides. That means they are used by the body further along in the digestive process; that is, in the posterior portion of the intestinal tract where receptors associated with glucose tolerance, oxygen use, and fat distribution are located.

If you would like to give Arctic Ruby Oil capsules a try too, please go to:

Hippocrates Soup Causes Knee Pain

My knee began to hurt on November 11th. But it wasn't because of anything physical that I did. It turns out I was hurting it by drinking Hippocrates soup!

This is how I figured out it was due to drinking Hippocrates soup:

On August 4th my friend, Elizabeth, started buying from me my homemade green soup and Hippocrates soup, which I have been making and drinking since I began the Fast Diet in March.

Then, on August 25th, Elizabeth told me she just wanted the green soup because she is allergic or something to night shade vegetables and the Hippocrates soup is mostly night shades (tomatoes and potatoes).

As November went by with no improvement in my knee I was wracking my brain about what on earth could be causing my knee pain. I could hardly bend my right knee without excruciating pain and had to go up and down steps one step at a time. I was limping when I walked and getting down on the bathroom floor for my daily coffee enema was a real challenge.

Then, last Saturday, December 7th, I was visiting with Elizabeth and, just to make conversation, I asked her what her sensitivity to night shade vegetables was exactly. She said it gave her joint pain.

I thought, My God, I've been drinking 8 ounces of night shade vegetable soup (Hippocrates soup) daily for nine months! Could that be why my knee is so sore?

I thanked her for telling me and said I was going to stop drinking it to see if helped my knee.

Elizabeth was certain it would and she was right! As soon as I stopped drinking it (I had already had my 8 ounces that Saturday) my knee gradually got better and today, Sunday December 15, 2013, my knee is back to normal.

Needless to say, I will no longer be making or drinking Hippocrates soup.


Here's a good write-up about night shade vegetables:

Eat, Fast and Live Longer Diet Regime May Be Perfect For Some People

I am on the second day of a two-day 500-calories-per-day fast. Tomorrow I will go back to my regular diet for five days. After that I will repeat this weekly diet regime until I either find it doesn’t work for me or, if it works, I will continue on it permanently.

According to the book, "The Fast Diet: The Secret of Intermittent Fasting - Lose Weight, Stay Healthy, Live Longer" by Michael Mosley and a PBS TV presentation called "Eat, Fast and Live Longer" by Mr. Mosley, eating in this way will reduce my bad cholesterol, protect me against developing cancer, heart disease (including lowering high blood pressure) and Alzheimer’s disease and help me to live longer and healthier.

Click on the picture below to view the PBS TV presentation of Eat, Fast and Live Longer by Michael Mosley.

Eat, Fast and Live Longer - Horizon from Steve Hartman on Vimeo.

Yesterday, March 5, 2013, I had my blood drawn at Kaiser for cholesterol, triglycerides, blood glucose level, tish/thyroid stimulating hormone, vitamin D level and, I had hoped, the IGF-1 test that Mr. Mosley recommends as a way to measure the success of the diet, but my doctor at Kaiser refused to order it when I requested it.

As long as I had fasted for 12 hours for the blood test I decided to begin the Eat, Fast and Live Longer Diet Regime at the same time.

I am 76 years old, 5 foot 7 inches, 202 pounds and would like to weigh 145 pounds. I do not drink alcohol, take prescription, over-the-counter or any other drugs. I do take vitamins and supplements and have for 52 years (I began right after I read "Lets Eat Right to Keep Fit" (1954) by Adelle Davis in March 1961 a few days after Sandy was born). Before that I took prenatal vitamins and minerals for almost four years starting before I gave birth to my son in December 1957 and my first daughter in March 1959.

I followed another diet using drops of Human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (HCG) sublingually (under the tongue) five years ago and lost 22 pounds in two months, but was horrified at the way it aged my face and I went off the diet and gained the weight back (also in two months). Since the Eat, Fast and Live Longer diet regime is a slower weight loss method (people are reporting a weight loss of about 1 1/2 pounds per week), I am looking forward to losing weight without looking ill.

This diet regime seems to be perfect for me. Dale is on a vegan diet and is doing very well on it. I’m a meat eater and have tried to be a vegetarian in the past, but gained weight and felt miserable while not eating meat. I have fasted on liquids many times for three days at a time and always felt well while fasting.

For these first two days of my new eating regime I am eating tamales that are hand made and sold at Whole Foods. Each tamale contains 280 calories. I am eating one and 1/2 per day (in three equal portions 4 to 5 hours apart beginning 4 hours after waking -- I drink a quart of my homemade broth upon waking). I am also taking oil capsules, vitamins and drinking a lot of distilled water each day.

I will update my progress at least once a week on my blog and post my blood test results as soon as I receive them.

If you would like to share your experiences with this type of diet please send me your story and I will add it to my blog.


Update on Dale’s Dental Saga

Dale emailed pictures of his gums along with a request for suggestions on what he should do about them to Sandy's dentist, Dr. Villafana, in Mexico. He has huge lumps and bumps and sharp protrusions on his gums everywhere. Some of them are painful to the touch.

Lumps and Bumps on Lower Jaw 2 months after oral surgery to remove teeth

             Lumps and Bumps on Lower Jaw 2 months after oral surgery to remove teeth

Two months after oral surgery to remove teeth
Lumps and Bumps on Upper Jaw 2 months after oral surgery to remove teeth

Dr. Villafana said it could take years for Dale's jawbone to "remodel" and grinding down the bone would be a quicker way to be able to wear dentures.

Gigi, Dale's dentist, said to give it six months and then she will make his dentures fit over whatever bumps are still there.

Dale has decided to ask Gigi to remove the bony protrusions if they are still there after six months (from December 22nd). He told me when she pulled his teeth she broke some of them with a tool and with others she just rocked the teeth back and forth to get them out. He thinks she broke the bone around the teeth by rocking them and that is why he has the sharp, painful protrusions.

So, he is still without teeth. He says he is hard to understand when he talks, but no one is complaining.

A Reader’s Message about My Reaction to Shirlee’s Passing

Dear Bonnie - I'm not surprised by your reaction to the very stressful time you just went through. If you weren't such a strong person it could be a lot worse. Enjoy your rest and do some things you really enjoy doing, have fun. This too will pass. Life goes on.

The fact that Shirlee was only nine years older than you shouldn't bother you. However, none of us have a guarantee on tomorrow and we should all be ready for when the Lord calls us home.

Dale is a typical man. They don't usually get all stressed out like we do. You haven't written recently how his mouth is doing and if he is happy with his new teeth.


Update on the Passing of Shirlee, Bonnie’s Mother-In-Law

After Shirlee died all I wanted to do is sleep. Still do.

The week following her death Shirlee's grandchildren came and went through her belongings to choose the items they wanted. Dale was able to send and receive text messages with each of them to set up times for them to come to our house and then he spent time with them searching through boxes and furniture. They each came alone a couple of times and then they all came at the same time on President's Day.

The grandchildren are: Dale's sister's two kids, Maxwell, the oldest, 33, and his sister, Angela, 29. Shirlee went with us to Angela's wedding on January 13th, the weekend before she had the stroke that sent her to the hospital. Then there's Dale's daughter Rhiannon, who is 32 and who has been here several times helping Dale organize Shirlee's pictures, kitchen stuff and other treasures. Dale's son, Donovan, 28, didn't come as he lives in Oregon and is working as a chef in a restaurant and couldn't get the time off.

Shirlee had dozens of pillowcases spread out everywhere; one or two in every drawer and box. She also loved socks. They found dozens of pairs of white socks, too.

Then last week Sandy, Dale and I took bags of Shirlee's clothes to Goodwill. We still have more to do, but we are starting to see the bottom of the closet.

Dale has been less emotionally shaken than either Sandy or me. In my case I think it's because she was only nine years older than me. In Sandy's case she thinks it's because when she dies she wants to go quickly, not like Shirlee did. She wants to have a heart attack and go instantly like her father did.

We all miss Shirlee.

A Reader’s Thoughts on Shirlee’s Passing

Dear Bonnie - My heart goes out to all of you at this difficult time. How gracious was God to not allow the suffering and pain to go on any longer. It makes me wonder how long any of you would have been able to handle the situation the way it was without breaking down. I know Shirlee would not have want to live any longer under the circumstances.

It was good to hear she had donated her body. My husband and I both did that. My husband went to Temple Hospital for students to study. Twice a year they hold a service to honor the donors and my husband's was wonderful. Many doctors, nurses, and students participated, telling what a benefit it was to their learning experience. If they have a service at Stanford you should all go, it will bless your heart. In addition, what a money saver.

I know it will take awhile for things to get back to normal but take one day at a time and those awful memories will fade. You are all in my prayers everyday.


Update On Shirlee, Dale’s Mother, who had a Stroke January 16, 2013

Shirlee is still hanging on to life. She is losing oxygen and the visiting nurse has been here daily to give her pain medication. The nurse has increased the pain medicine every day.

A helper came and gave Shirlee a sponge bath and washed her hair, which I'm sure she appreciated (she isn't communicating anymore except to shake her head no when Dale asks her if she wants the light turned off).

Dale's dentist is calling daily asking him to come back for his dentures, but he wants his gums to be less lumpy so she doesn’t have to grind out more of the denture material. Also, he doesn't want to be away from the house anymore than a few minutes at a time.

Dale has lost 20 pounds and has stuck to his vegan diet. His blood pressure is normal and he has stopped taking blood pressure medicine (he cut down in increments until he was off of it).

We are expecting the visiting nurse to arrive any minute. Dale is back from his daily walk and all our boxes have been picked up by the mailman. I’m going to go to Whole Foods for more "plant food" that Dale can grind up in the Vitamix.

A Reader’s Comment on Shirlee’s Stroke

Oh, Bonnie, my heart goes out to all of you, especially Shirlee. I am sure you know it will be best when the Lord calls her home. Meanwhile, to keep her comfortable and loved is the best, kindest, sweetest thing you can do.

Rehab is not allowed to keep someone if they don't show improvement.  A costly nursing home will keep her but many will not give the care that would make her last days comfortable. I commend all three of you for being willing to care for her.  It speaks so well of Dale who cares that much for his mother.

You will be daily in my thoughts and prayers.


Update On Shirlee, Bonnie’s Mother-In-Law, who had a Stroke January 16, 2013

Kaiser sent Shirlee home to die today. She has been off the IV that was giving her liquids (through a Pic Line) since Thursday, January 31, 2013 at 4:30 pm and she refuses to eat, which is probably because she can't swallow. She is taking sublingual pain medicine. She can't talk, see or control any of her muscles. She can't even keep her mouth closed. It is really sad.

The Rehab place where the hospital doctor sent her just ignored her. Dale believes we can care for her better at home.

The doctor sent her home in an ambulance. Two hours before she arrived a man from Kaiser brought a hospital bed and set it up. He also delivered a wheelchair, but we don't think she will ever be able to use it.

The visiting nurse is here and told us Shirlee could live like this for weeks.

Sandy is helping Dale and the nurse showed them how to change her diaper. She has a catheter in for urine and Dale knows how to unhook the bag from the tube, dispose of the urine, and hook it back up. I'm just helping anyway I can (like cleaning up after everyone and everything).

We are lucky we are three.

A Reader’s Comments on Shirlee’s Stroke

Bonnie - My heart bleeds for you all and the situation you are in. I remember going to church one Sunday morning and telling everyone my husband was doing great in rehab after his stroke. When I got to rehab I went to his room and the mattress was on the bed, stripped, and rolled up. I almost passed out, I was sure he had died. His heart had acted up and he was sent back to the ER. The doctor had left a message on my answering machine that I didn't see before I left for church. I know what ups and downs are all about. My husband was 71 when he had his stroke and lived ten years. I don't know how old Shirlee is but if she recovers enough to go home you will have your hands full and if she needs a nursing home it will cost an arm and a leg. I guess you just have to take a day at a time and do what you have to do.

It sounds like Dale is having a rough time with his dentures but if he loses weight and brings his blood pressure down maybe it will be worth it. It sounds like you and Sandy will lose weight also with all the running around and cooking less.