Update On Shirlee, Bonnie’s Mother-In-Law, who had a Stroke January 16, 2013

Kaiser sent Shirlee home to die today. She has been off the IV that was giving her liquids (through a Pic Line) since Thursday, January 31, 2013 at 4:30 pm and she refuses to eat, which is probably because she can't swallow. She is taking sublingual pain medicine. She can't talk, see or control any of her muscles. She can't even keep her mouth closed. It is really sad.

The Rehab place where the hospital doctor sent her just ignored her. Dale believes we can care for her better at home.

The doctor sent her home in an ambulance. Two hours before she arrived a man from Kaiser brought a hospital bed and set it up. He also delivered a wheelchair, but we don't think she will ever be able to use it.

The visiting nurse is here and told us Shirlee could live like this for weeks.

Sandy is helping Dale and the nurse showed them how to change her diaper. She has a catheter in for urine and Dale knows how to unhook the bag from the tube, dispose of the urine, and hook it back up. I'm just helping anyway I can (like cleaning up after everyone and everything).

We are lucky we are three.

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